I ask the Lord to fill my fridge with food and my freezer with meats. Well He didn’t do it yet. Now my fridge is acting up. I’m waiting on the man to come and fix it. We have been missing each other because of my schedule. So you really can’t keep nothing in there for long. So I’m wondering why the Lord is not honoring my request. Then after a while I clearly hear Him say I can’t honor your request until the fridge gets fix. If I give you want you wanted them the food would go bad and you would lose what I have given you. Makes sense right?  Then this dawned on me. Maybe this is the reason why God can’t give us some of the things we ask for. Because number one, we are not ready for them. Two, there are some things wrong with us that need fixing before we can receive what God has in store for us. And third if He would give it to us now before the repair man (Holy Ghost)  fixes the issue, then we would lose and waste what was given to us. He that has begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. So wait on the Lord and then receive all that He has promised you. You will be able to keep it and it will bless all those who enter into your space. Grace and peace upon you