I haven’t read a lot on this firestorm concerning the statements Kim Burrell made about homosexuality. Everybody is losing their collective minds. Was she right? Was she wrong? Who determines right or wrong? You? Me? The LGBT community, celebrities, preachers and everybody who has an opinion have weighted in on this subject. It has caused so much divisiveness. It’s a mess. People quoting Scriptures and spouting all kinds of things. Kim Burrell’s statement has caused her much pain and her career is being affected by this. Have we become judge and jury? Have we convicted each other based on our position one way or another? Do we even have that right? I know I am putting myself in the line of fire too. However I just want to maybe just maybe give another perspective of this subject.

Do we have the “holy ” piece right? (Be ye Holy, for I am Holy). Do we think be holy is about behavior?  Well, maybe its about belonging and not behavior. Isaiah 6 gives us a beautiful picture and description of holiness. Isaiah 6:3 says “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts.” What did the angels see? (this is the short version).  They did not see God as one, (there are scriptures that support they saw more than one) they saw God as a three person family (Holy, holy, holy). They saw a family of belonging to each other. Let me give you an example of belonging and not behavior. The Sabbath day was considered holy. It is not a person but a day. It has no behavior attached to it. Then why was it called holy. Because it belonged to God.

God is love! Do you think He started loving when we came on the scene? No! Then who was He loving then? The Son and the Holy Spirit. So let say I am right and Holy and holiness is about belonging and not behavior. Because to tell you the truth, we all have issues and stuff that everybody can point a finger on that we consider unholy. So then what are you trying to say, someone might ask. Here is my point! It is found in the last portion of the scripture. “The whole earth is full of his glory.” So what is the whole earth full of?  What is this scripture trying to tell us.

This is what Jeff Turner said concerning this scripture. “My ideas on where God hung out, and of whom He was willing to hang out with, were very limited, as my God was only allowed to operate within the strict confines of my religious worldview. Certain places and people were untouchable, while others were prime candidates for His presence. Once I ceased viewing the world through the lenses of my own perceived brokenness, and instead began seeing it through the work of Christ, I began to see and experience God in places and in people that I would have formerly thought were off limits to Him.”

So If holiness is about belonging  and not about behavior. And the whole world is filled with this glory. Then EVERYBODY belongs to God! WOW! I just said that. So maybe our job is to LOVE and leave the rest to the Holy, holy, holy, since its belongs to Him anyway.