“In this state of possessing a pure knowledge of God humanity was lacking in any concept of good or evil, for this “knowledge” had not yet become a part of the human experience. It had yet to enter into our lives which would seem to suggest that originally, man was not made to behold God as “holy” in a moral or behavioral sense, as God discouraged man from eating the fruit that would grant him this ability. In man’s original mind there were no lines of distinction between good and bad, or sacred and secular. God was all in all, and Adam and Eve enjoyed life in the context of His presence, without a consciousness or understanding of sin. God was not the judge, the rule master or the dispenser of fines and penalties for moral infractions. he was simply Father, and above all he was Love. (Jeff Turner)

So my question is simply this, do we have the right perception of God? Come on, how do you look at God? What does your religion or experience tell you about God. From what I am understanding is that God was only suppose to be projected as our Father who loves us. That’s it. Nothing more or less. When did God become all that we say He is? Why do we think He is so distant from us? Why are we afraid of Him? Adam probably is still trying to figure out why? Why is our relationship with God so up and down and that concept tends to bleed into all other relationships.

I know I have a lot of questions. Matter of fact, so should you! Is our traditions reflect our perception of God? Does our praise and worship reflect our perception of God? Do we have the Garden experience wrong? Do we have the sacrifice piece wrong too. What about the cross? Did God really punish Jesus who was innocent just so the guilty can be ok in His sight. I don’t know if I like that kind of God. We were never to have a dual image of God like we do now. We never were suppose to look at God as holy or judge or Master, only FATHER.

The greatest sin or problem facing christianity is not homosexuality, murder, adultery, lying, stealing, cheating, greed, false witness, fornication and all the other stuff that people lose their minds over and treat people with distain and throw relationships away like a piece of paper. No, the problem is like it has always been, the knowledge of good and evil that changed our perception of God. That is the biggest threat to the church today!

I CHALLENGE YOU TO ASK YOUR OWN QUESTIONS. Don’t be afraid of the answers you get. They just might free you to see God as it was intended to be, YOUR FATHER!