Has anybody notice in Matthew 21:12-14 concerning Jesus cleanses the temple and once the temple was clean, then the blind and the lame came to Him and he healed them. What’s up with that? Was that the only time Jesus healed in the Temple? I think He healed a man with a withered hand in the synagogue. Is that the same as the Temple?

What was the purpose of Him snapping like that? What was wrong with what they were doing? Could it be that the system they were using (sacrifices to please God and get close to Him and please Him) was now wrong? Did this cause unbelief, doubt and condemnation? I guess healing is not possible in that environment. However it is interesting to notice that after Jesus cleansed the temple, healing takes place.

I wonder maybe just maybe this is what’s wrong with the church at large. There is so much stuff going on in the church, that the power of God is missing. When is that last time you witnessed genuine healing? When was the last time you witnessed the power of God fall in your service? I am not talking about emotionalism. I am not talking about self-effort praise. I’m not talking about a hype service full of excitement, but void of the power.  I am talking about with your eyeballs see real authentic healing. 

Think about what goes on in your church. Shoot, think about the things that just goes on in service. There is a whole lot of stuff that has nothing to do with understanding how to get the Christ life activated in my everyday life. How can I make the bible relevant when I am stressed out of my mind? Can I actually come and get healed when my doubt by myself is at an all time high?  Can I get encouragement? I can go on and on and on.

I don’t know. I just know that the verse speaks volumes on how we are doing church today. Let me recap. The temple was cleansed and healing took place after that! How about that! I heard this quote and I will close with it. THE DEN OF THIEVES IS NOT WHERE THEFT HAPPENS, IT IS WHERE THIEVES HANG OUT!!