Jesus took Peter, James and John with Him on top of the mountain. Jesus was transfigured right in front of them. Then Moses and Elias appeared with Him and began talking with Jesus. Peter comes out of His mouth and says, “Hey it is good for us to be here, let us make three status (tabernacle).” So soon as Peter said that, a loud voice overtakes the whole place and said, “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear Him.”

Boom, there it is! What Peter did was to make them equal. Which means they all have equal say, equal press, equal power, and equal status. Also more dangerous is than now you can mix them together and their thoughts and form your own religion.

Well, God put a stop to that. he said HEAR HIM ONLY! This makes reading the bible, studying the bible, preaching the bible, teaching the bible much easier. Now, we read and interpret it wih the lens of Christ. Now with the lens of all three. Will you go against what God has said? Or are you still mixing all three coming up with your own brand of the gospel?