Matthew 18 starts off by dealing with who’s the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. I think the world in general operate from this paradigm. Everybody is trying to be the best. That attitude has filtered into our churches. Who has the best church, the best Pastor, the best building, the best choir, the best ministry, and on and on and on. We come trying to look our best. And those that can’t don’t come because they can’t measure up. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with doing our best and giving our best. But to what or whos expense?

Jesus, who does some crazy thing, is true to form again by placing a child in the midst of them and says, “except you be converted and become as little children you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven.” What? Get out! What in the world does that mean? Im not really sure, but maybe just maybe Jesus is talking about humility. Maybe loving and believing and trusting and total dependence of another?  Maybe not depending on your own self-effort? Maybe recognizing you can’t do nothing without the help of others? Sounds like humility to me!

Jesus was so serious about this, that He starts snapping and starts talking about “woes” and “hanging” and “drowning”.  Then like Jesus, He starts diving into “cutting off” and plucking out” stuff. Well, I think this speaks for itself. Jesus is saying that humility is a problem for people and this greatest and least thing will cause major problems in the world.

It’s causing problems in our churches. Maybe if we practice humility one day at a time, then unity may become the norm instead of the exception.