Remember, Jesus went walking on the water and Peter asked if it’s you bid me to come and Peter got out of the boat and walked for a while, then looked at the wind and the waves and began to sink. He called out to Jesus to saved him and He did. However, I don’t think that’s all we should get of that story. There is a story underneath the story that is worth looking at. Jesus got word that John the Baptist was murdered. Remember, Jesus is 100 percent man.  How do you think that affected Him? The Bible says He went to the desert, I guess to be alone but the multitudes followed Him. He healed them and fed them. All the while He is grieving for John. Then He sent His disciples ahead and He went up the mountain to be alone. Why was He trying to be alone? He needed to be with His Father? He needed refreshing? He needed relationship with His Father? He needed to get Himself together through the relationship with His Father? He needed strength? Well all I know is that when He was finished, He had so much power and energy He started walking. Walking down the mountain, walking on the shore, then walking on the water. I mean, He was so hyped and so full of energy from His fellowship with His Father (I don’t think He intended to do that). So, what’s the story behind the story? Peter tried to do what Jesus was doing without the benefit of spending timw with the Father. He could do it for a while, but the minute the storm came he starting sinking.

Jesus proved that you need to spend time alone with God in order to continue to do ministry. Jesus proved that you can’t keep going after a life issue has happen without communion with the Father. Jesus proved that you can get weary in well doing.

It is not about the miracles or Him walking on the water. it is about Jesus showing us how to operate under the power of a relationship with the Father. It’s about Jesus showing us how to live His life through you. Again it was not about what He did, it’s about WHO HE IS!  READ THE WORD LOOKING FOR JESUS