As soon as I think a got a handle on the grace message, the new covenant, Jesus and God, I find myself in a dark cloud again. Man, come on, I thought, ok, let me breath a little and let all that I have learned sink in. Not happening! Now I feel even more dumb. There our certain doctrines and scriptures I thought I had down pat. You couldn’t convince me, I had them wrong. Well, wrong again! Piece of advice, don’t underestimate the Holy Spirit. Now, I’m like, ok, I know nothing, teach me.

You may say, what are you talking about. I will give you a few examples and as He teaches me, I will share.

So, “By His stripes we are healed, “I thought it dealt with our physical healing. But it deals with the healing from sin. The wounds and bruises sin has caused.  Physical healing is the by-product of the finished work of the Cross.  “My God, my God why has thou forsaken me.” Some say it deals with separation between God and His Son because He became sin for us and God can’t look on sin. Well Jesus took on the sins of the world and is feeling the effects and couldn’t locate the Father because now He is looking through the filter of the fall. When Adam and Eve fell, their perception of God changed and they felt disconnected from God, not the other way around.

Did sin really separate man from God ( put it more plainly, separation because of my behavior)?  I am learning NO!  How can you explain after the fall, God is still communicating with Adam’s kids?  What about the sacrifices? That the sacrifice was there to appease God’s wrath concerning man because they couldn’t keep the law. When the sacrifices was for the benefit of man, not God. It was so man can feel close to God, not God being close to man. GOD NEVER CHANGED, MAN DID!

Now the Lord is walking me through this wrath of God piece that is blowing my mind. What I thought I knew about the wrath of God is not what He is sharing with me. Listen, I know the Truth when I hear it because the Truth is in me. I will be sharing about the wrath of God starting this Sunday.

The point is this, I think we have it wrong concerning our perception of God. Is Jesus my hero and God I don’t know about because Jesus saved me from the wrath of God? How can I trust God who wanted to do me harm and it’s only because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God didn’t have His way. How can you separate the two? Did Jesus forget to show us that side of God when He walked on this earth and say He is the express image of His Father? And what about the “God was in Christ reconcling the world to Himself” scripture?

I think God is getting a bad rap. When the scripture says God is love, What did he really mean? All, part, some, what?

Well, what He is showing me now, is making me revisit EVERYTHING!  If God is love and I mean LOVE!!!,  then we all have to read the Bible again with different eyes.