You made think I am talking about regular food, like fish, chicken, vegetables and those things that feed the body. I am not even talking about those things that feed the soul, like emotions and intelligence and things about you. I am talking about the spirit.

What are we feeding people in our churches across America? What are they eating from our pulpits? What are we preparing for them? Is it for their soul or spirit? Yes, people are hungry. However the food that we give them, is it helping or harming them in the long run? It may taste good in the beginning or for a while, but will it help them, grow them, mature them?

Are we helping them  to live from their soul which is from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Law)? Which is not who they are. Or are we helping them live from their spirit which is living from the tree of life (Christ)? Which is who they really are!

I wonder if we really know. Is their perception of God correct? That’s the start of living from their spirit where Christ lives. If their perception of God is wrong, then everything about their relationship with Him will be wrong and that is the start of living from their soul.

Now I am not making an indictment on anyone. I am saying we are new creatures in Christ. We don’t really know how to operate NEW. So we need to be taught and we need NEW food. So if we are new in Christ, then our teaching, preaching and eating should be new and not from the old.

Next we will get into the nuts and bolts of the Old Covenant and New Covenant where we now live.