We live in a time were seeing is believing. We live by our emotions and we must see and feel it. It’s hard to deal with things we can’t see. Everything around us is visible. Everything around us is tangible. You can touch it, taste it and see it.

So when someone says have faith in something you can’t see, touch or taste, then we have a major problem. I want to suggest to you, being a Christian is all about the unseen. It’s all about faith. It’s all about the invisible and not the visible.

What do you mean, you may ask. Have you seen God? Have you seen Jesus? Have you seen the Holy Spirit. Matter of fact, you wasn’t even born when Jesus died for your sins. The gospel is invisible. Forgiveness is invisible.

Think about it, we believe in some invisible stuff. Some crazy invisible stuff. What am I talking about?


The most important thing to God is to believe in Him. It takes faith. So if you want to read about some people who believed in some crazy stuff so you won’t feel alone. Read Hebrews chapter 11! Believe me, you won’t think you’re the only one that believes and operate from the unseen.