Paul Ellis wrote something in his blog (Escape to Reality) concerning Job. He isn’t as perfect as people make him out to be. It’s an awesome read and I would recommend it highly. Now with that being said, we sometimes agree with something without reading it, instead of getting unlighten for ourselves.

Take Job for instance. He wasn’t righteous, but self-righteous and he was sin conscience. This paints a different picture of Job. Job opened the door for Satan.

Here is my point. We have to be intentional about growing in grace. We just can’t take the word of others and say it’s gospel. We need to be enlighten by the Holy Spirit on what says the scripture. We must be intentional concerning looking for Jesus in the Bible.

Be intentional about putting on your grace lens when reading the Word of God. Be intentional about being a workman not being ashamed. Be intentional about our relationship with Christ.

If we do this, then we won’t make the mistake that others make concerning  Job.

Read Job for yourself with the lens of Grace and you will see a wonderful display of God’s grace in the midst of a sin conscience world.