The last time I check, we are no longer slaves. Now, I don’t mean the period of time when slavery was legal. I am talking  about under the bondage of sin, debt and punishment. However, Christians are walking around like they’re still slaves.

Slaves to actions, slaves to the past, slaves to the present, slaves to choices, slaves to people and their opinions, slaves to circumstances, slaves to finances, slaves to family and a slave to yourself. Slave, slave, slave. Oh yea, and a slave to religion which is killing you slowly!

Hasn’t anybody told you that you are a free person. Free from guilt. Free from sin. Free from condemnation. Free from the enemy. Free from the past.  Free from the religion! Thank you Jesus!

You don’t have to tolerate slave-like conditions. Who the Son set free is free indeed. Be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the shedding of His blood, the whole world is free. There is nothing between you and God.

So go ahead and have a relationship with Jesus, free of guilt. Free of debt. Free of condemnation. JUST FREE! HE IS NOT MAD AT YOU ANYMORE!

So Christians, live like who you are. Stop trying to do. Just BE! Expect the Glory of the Lord to shine on you which is His goodness manifested. And watch the world try to figure out who you are and you can tell them.