Do we have an open mind? Can we listen to other people’s opinion and maybe see their point? Can we consider the fact that we could be wrong? It would be a bad thing to climb the mountain of right and find out that you climbed the wrong mountain. Why am I asking these questions? Because maybe we got some meanings of the bible wrong.

We all can read what the bible says. The problem is we may not understand what it means. That’s were we have to let the Bible interpret itself. Here is one example: We read that Jesus said, ” My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?” Then we assume that God has forsaken Jesus because of the question Jesus ask.

Could we be wrong? Adam thought the same thing and hid himself. What did God do? God went looking for Adam. Habakkuk thought the same thing and what to God do? Read Habakkuk for yourself. He was wrong too!

And then what do you do with the Scripture that says “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself”? I am not making any conclusions. Now don’t get me wrong I can, however I will leave that up to you.

What I am saying is don’t be like Eve when she got God’s Word secondhand and was unequip to handle Satan. Read the Word for yourself and get it from the mouth of God!