I think sometimes we think we have a lot of power. Maybe, that’s not true. Ok, let me say this,  that we determine what we believe makes something true and if we don’t believe in something then it is not true. That sounds better.

I have news for you. Whether we believe something or not doesn’t make it true of false. We are not the Creator. That’s why it is important not to be so absolute about what you believe and have the attitude that if you don’t believe it, then it’s  not true.

Why am I saying this? Because I am going to say something radical. You may think I have lost it. But bear with me.

Whether you believe it or not, the the whole world has been reconciled to God though the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing between you and God. NOTHING! Whether you believe that or not will determine if you experience it. You have been forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ once and for all. Period! All your sins are forgiven. Now that is true whether you believe it or not. However to experience it, you must believe it. But just because you may not believe it doesn’t make it not true.

Don’t miss out on experiencing what Jesus accomplished on the cross (the finished works, salvation) just because you don’t believe it. IT IS STILL TRUE!

If we can submit to the fact that maybe somethings or true regardless if I believe it or not will begin the awesome revelation of experiencing the God that loves you instead of the God you have been taught to be afraid of.