First of all, I am not bashing anyone who is paying tithes. If that’s what you want to to do, fine, but there is not a blessing or curse if you do or don’t. Now, chapter seven of Hebrews is the chapter most people use to confirm that tithe paying is right for the believer. One of the reasons they say is because this happen before the law. So, if it happen before the law, then you can use it post-law (New Covenant).

I have a question. I have plenty, but I will just ask one. If that is the case, how come the new testament epistles never mention it? Matter of fact, the new testament epistles teach us how to give. It’s from the heart. Wouldn’t you see one verse at least mentioning to give a tenth?

This is a history lesson with Abraham. Is Abraham the model? Look at what he did. He slaughtered kings, and stole their spoils. Is he a good model today? It was about respecting a foreign priest and it was a western tradition to give a tenth of spoils of war. Abraham respected a priest not from the levitical priesthood. Jewish law states that only Levi priest can receive tithes, so why is this guy receiving tithes?

This chapter is a tale of two covenants. Where is the instruction to give a tithe? It’s not there! The passage is about the priesthood of JESUS CHRIST! I can say much more, however there is one statement in this chapter that says it all and I will leave it at that. HEBREWS 7:12 “FOR THE PRIESTHOOD BEING CHANGED, THERE IS MADE OF NECESSITY A CHANGE ALSO OF THE LAW. BOOM! This is the point of this chapter!