Have you every went to a store and they had those little trays of samples? And they come up to you so you can try their samples, so you can purchase what you have tasted? The purpose is so you can buy what you have sampled. Most of the time you take the sample, but you turn and walk away without buying it.

I think this is what is happening to those that really don’t get the grace message. Remember, the Good News is the grace of God. The Gospel is sharing the grace of God. People are taking a peak, but not going all the way in. They are tasting, but not fully swallowing it.

You are just like the Jews who saw what Jesus did and experienced the miracles and the healings and the grace and love of God but turned back to the temple. They couldn’t grasp this small band of men that had power verses the great big temple that has been the center of their existence since time began.

I challenge you to go in all the way and experience the grace of God for yourself. I challenge you to look at the scriptures with your eye balls and not someone else. I implore you to release your faith in Jesus Christ and not in religion that separates you from the pure love of Jesus Christ.

Don’t taste, but swallow it and you will experience Christ personally and not religiously!!!!