There are so many doctrines out there. There are so many interpretations out there. So many opinions out there concerning the bible. Who is right? Who is correct? Everybody has their own thoughts concerning the bible. Who do you trust? I will tell you! Trust the Author, not the writers.

One thing I do know. The Author didn’t tell us to preach the Bible. He said study to show theyself approved unto God… rightly divide the Word of truth. What is truth, or should I say, who is truth.  The Bible tells us to preach the Word. We may have mistaken the Word for the Bible. Maybe? Because what is the Word? Or should I say who is the Word. Then again what or who is the whole bible about? I am not trying to answer any of these questions for you. But I do what you to ask them yourself.

Divide what truth? Who is truth? Another question you should ask yourself. What I do know is we should be spreading the GOSPEL! Preaching the GOSPEL. Sharing the GOSPEL. Paul says, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel.”  What is the GOSPEL?

Again these are questions that you and I should be asking. I believe the GOSPEL is the answer to everything. I think the GOSPEL is what all of us need. The bible tells you what the GOSPEL IS and what the GOSPEL will do. So I encouraged you to search for yourself  and ask the Spirit to reveal it and enlighten you. HE WILL!