Everywhere I read in the new testament and the new covenant it says IN Christ. Whatever we need is IN Christ. If any man be IN Christ, he is a new creature. Your life is IN Christ. Deliverance is IN Christ. Healing is IN Christ. Peace is IN Christ. Joy is IN Christ. So I have a question. If Jesus Christ is so important, why isn’t Christ the focus in every church? Why is most sermons about us with Him sprinkle in? Why is everybody else name mentioned more than His?

How come we don’t learn everything about Him?  How come we don’t spend a lot of time with Him? If He is the head of the church, why don’t we consult Him about the church. It says grace and peace are multiplied to us through the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Why aren’t we teaching His people about Him.

We know church policy. We know the books of the bible. We know how to do church. We know how to run an organization. We know how to secure positons in the church. We know the stories in the bible. We know how to craft a sermon. We know a lot of things about the church. BUT DO WE KNOW HIM?

His last title He gives Himself in Revelation is “I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST.” That tells you everything you need to know about His importance.