This is a sample of what Paul Ellis wrote in his blog ESCAPE TO REALITY, about Job.

Many people consider Job a great man and a champion of the faith. Job, you will recall, lost everything (hIs family, wealth and health), then sat on a dunghill scratching himself with a broken plate while having a theology debate with seminarians. As a result of this rich, life-affirming experience, many people now believe the following lies.

God gives and takes away good things like children, health, jobs. God uses sickness to punish or discipline me. God puts me through hard times to teach me humility. God uses Satan as a sheepdog to keep the sheep in line.

I want to offer a different perspective. The book of Job is not about a great man but a flawed man. The Job we read about was not the man of God many think he was, But a superstitious and fearful man who said some stupendously dumb things. His story is not about the truimph of the human spirit, but the awesome grace God gives to broken humanity.

“But Job was a righteous man.” Actually he was a self-righteous man and basicially an unbeliever, as we shall see. I’m not knocking Job. My purpose is to show you how grace changes broken people like you, me and Job. By the time we get to the end of this short series, you’re going to be amazed at some of the good things God says about this imperfect man. But to finish well we must begin with a proper understanding of Job’s state apart fro God.