I have a question. I have ask myself the same question. I had two different answers. One answer before the revelation of Grace and one after the revelation of Grace. Why do we want people to come to church? It is for the fellowship? It is for the music? It is for the preaching and teaching? It is for family reasons? What? It it for friendship? You think the church could/would help them.

Church is not that important anymore. It should be. If someone is real busy and looking to cut some things out, the church is on the list to go, miss, or take a break. Are you excited to go to church? Is there an urgency to get there? Do you talk positive about your experience at church? Or do you talk negative about it? When is the last time you invited someone to your church? Not because of an event or program you want them to come too. Not just because its family and friends day. But just because its the best place to be.

There should be one reason and one reason only for inviting people to church, and that is to hear and get a revelation of JESUS CHRIST! Everything else (fellowship, music, preaching/teaching, programs and events) is a byproduct of that fact. Good or bad, rich or poor, good times or bad times, family or friends, everybody should get a fresh revelation of JESUS CHRIST.

When you get that revelation everything will start to get better including the church. “I come that you might have life and that life more abundantly”. That’s what Jesus said. That’s what we should want for every human being. So the next time you ask someone to come to church. It will because you got a fresh revelation of JESUS CHRIST and you want every living creature to have the same experience. Then will we see the church become relevant again!