How are we building our churches today?  Did you read what I just said? How are we building our churches today? Does that sound right to you? Our church? That is the first problem, the word OUR. When did it become our church?  But that’s the position we have held. Have we built the church in our image or Christ? When did Christ transfer the title to us? I know its a lot of questions, but somebody has to ask them.

There are small churches, store front churches, big churches, and mega-churches. We have ministries, worship centers, campuses, and  multi-sites. Everybody is marketing their product (yes I said product). Trying to get people to come to our churches. We call that witnessing. Again when did it become our church.

Truth of the matter, the church is struggling to maintain relevance or important in the community in which they serve. The church is in a fight to keep its members interested. What is the message of the church? What is the purpose of the church? The biggest question is, who’s church is it?

Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Did you read that? IT’S HIS CHURCH! And He gave us the blueprint to build His church too. We are suppose to build His church base on the understanding of who Jesus is. Meaning everything is about Jesus Christ. EVERYTHING!

So I will leave you with this. Can the members of the church answer the same question Jesus asked His disciples (Who do men say that I am)?