One Easter Sunday night I was invited to church by a young lady I had a crush on in high school. The only reason I went was because I liked her and wanted to score some points with her, so I went. I had no idea that night was going to change my life for ever. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. That’s the night I got saved. After that, I got on the roller coaster ride of life and I didn’t get off that crazy ride until about a few years ago.

Here is the problem with that picture. They taught me how to accept Christ but I never really learned about Him. I never got a full understanding about Who He is, what He actually did on the cross, what did He mean when He said it is finished. What is salvation all about? What do I do really when I mess up? What is my inheritance? What is grace?  What is salvation? What is the finished work of the cross. Shoot, I didn’t even know that term existed.

Now I was taught I lot of things, good things, important things, things I needed to a point. I learned church and church policy. I became a student a what to do and what not to do. I learned the rules.  So don’t get me wrong, I not bashing anybody. I am just sharing my experience. What is the different between old covenant and new covenant? Am I forgiven totally or did Jesus forget something or finished is not really finished? I’m just thinking out loud.

I do know one thing for sure, my perception of God wasn’t right and what I know about Jesus now doesn’t even compare to what I was taught about Him before. Do you have a story like this? Is your story similar to mine? Or is it exactly the same.

There is a fundemental flaw in the church today. And its the same question Jesus asked His disciples. “Who do men say that I am? Can they answer that question from how we explain it?  Then Jesus ask them, who do you say that I am? One person answered the question and Jesus said you didn’t even get that from nobody around here.

Do you see the problem? I hope so, because if we don’t, then there is a serious problem brewing. I want to challenge you today. Examine your knowledge of all the things I said earlier and see where you stand. Is your perception of God right and do you really know Jesus from a relational standpoint and not a from what you heard.

Ask yourself the question, I AM SAVED, NOW WHAT?