Galatians 5:4 says “Christ is become of no effect unto you, Whosoever of you are justified by the law; Ye are fallen from grace. So if you are justified by the law, you have fallen from grace? So then if you mess up then you fall into grace? So grace is the only justifier? That is a lot of questions to answer.

Well, lets take a look at when grace was first mentioned. In Genesis 6:8 when grace was mentioned. The story of Noah. I am not going to bored you with a lot of stuff. Let me get right to the point. The ark is a representative of Christ. The bible says “Any man be IN Christ is a new creature… The key is IN Chirst. So if the Ark represents Christ, then Noah was in the ark, and was safe from the judgment of God. Being IN Christ saves us from the judgment of God. So Noah was saved and so are we, IN Christ.

So here it is, As long as I am in the Ark, I am saved and safe. If I am outside the ark (Law) I face judgment.  So whatever happens in the ark, I saved for the judgment of God. If I fall, I’d rather fall in the ark (IN Christ) than outside the ark.

I rather God work on me inside the ark that outside the ark. If I mess up, I rather mess up inside the ark than the outside the ark.

This is from the book Pure Grace, God said to Naoh, “I am about to destroy every living thing on the earth with a flood. You have found grace in My eyes and therefore I will save you and your family. Build an ark and put some pegs on the outside for yourself and Mrs Noah and your family to hang onto during the flood. Hang on with all your might. Pray for strength to hold on faithfully to the end and you will be saved.

I think I rather be inside the ark