When I was in the world or before I receive Christ. I was told just do the best you can and that is good enough. So, I started this journey of doing the best I can with everything. That is all that is required of me. To tell you the truth that was pretty tough. Because somedays I didn’t want to do that. My attitude wasn’t right, or the situation was just too difficult, or I was just too lazy. So, sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. Can you relate to this? I got better at it and became more consistence.

Now fast forward I got saved, born again, a disciple of Christ. I am excited, I’m happy, I’m great now. Then I was told that I had to be perfect. WHAT!!!! And they kept on saying, you have to be perfect before God. So I put my head down and started this journey on trying to be perfect. I failed miserably. Does this sound like you?

Now the Lord revealed His grace message to me and that free me from the merry-go-round of religion. And I am still learning about Jesus and now I’m like Paul when he said ” I want to know Him”. That’s me. So everyday I am learning more and more about Him through His Word.

And now I finding out that perfect to me does mean perfect to him. Jesus had something else in mind.  Maybe that point is that Jesus wants us to find completeness in Him. Perfection in this sense is a place of contentment. That is God’s ultimate aim for us, that we find contentment in Him. That is an major shift I am willing to try, how about you?

So I am learning what perfection means biblically. Why don’t you starting learning more about Jesus and our Father and get a fresh revelation on what perfection really means.