History has its place. You need to remember the past and learn from it. History serves a purpose. History brings balance to your life. History releases you to your present. History is needed to give us the skills for you future. History is great in its place.

However history can also hold you back. It can keep you a prisoner for life. It can hold you hostage. It can block your creative juices flowing through your mind. So history can be a blessing or a curse.

Let me share this with you. I have said this and I wonder if you have said this too? “I thank God from where He has brought me from”. That is a hallmark statement that most christians use in their testimony or statements. It sounds real good on the surface. But if we are not careful we could be speaking past into our present that impacts our future. Instead of talking about where God has brought you from, start shouting from the roof tops where God is taking you to.

What God is doing now in your life and how He is blessing and ordering your step. Sometimes we think our salvation is where God has brought us from, but in reality salvation is where God has taking us to. So stop looking back and start looking forward.