I heard an awesome Word from one of our ministers that still has me thinking. There was a phase that keeps ringing in the museum of my mind. “Something like my history is not my destiny.” I hope I got it partly right. Anyway the point being don’t allow your history to determine your destiny. Too many believers have allowed their history to keep them from pursuing their destiny. Destiny is wrapped up all in them, and it’s calling them, and pushing them forward, while history pulling them backwards.

I want to take it one step farther. Sometimes we have too many people in our lives that only know are history and that history has blinded them to your destiny. So instead of pushing you forward, they are actually pulling you backwards. They can’t see destiny because of the history. Maybe your history has prepared you for your destiny. You will never know if you keep looking back. Your destiny is already inside of you. Heaven and earth is waiting for you so it can assist you.

So maybe, just maybe you need to step out in faith and decide that you need more people in your life that has a sense of your destiny and remove some of the people that only know your history, but can’t see your destiny. Did I say that? Yep! Take inventory, you should have more people in your life that is pushing you to your destiny, then reminding you of your history!