The way that person is made holy has been one of the most heat debates of the church for many years. Churches have there own brand of holiness based on their interpetation of the scriptures. Some say a strong prayer life will make you holy. Others say reading the bible will make you holy. Some say fasting will definitely make you holy. Then others say giving up bad habits will make you holy. All these are legalistic views. Its all about what we do. Grace is about what God does.


This is what Steve Mcvey says about this, “The idea is that the thing made holy has been set aside from common use and is now reserved for a particular purpose by God. That defintion describes you! Your Father has set you apart for Himself and for His own purposes. It is an act of grace that He has done in your life. The reality is that you don’t become holy by what you do, and you can’t become more holy than you are right now. You have been set apart, and it’s not possible for you to cause yourself to become more set apart than you already are”.

I will leave you with this. Be ye holy, for I am holy. IT SAYS BE , NOT DO!