The gospel dispensation is more full, free, spiritual than that of the law. Christ is in this covenant a surety for us to God and for God to us, to see that the articles be performed on both parts. He as surety has united the divine and human nature together in his own person and there is given assurance of reconciliation; and he has as surety united God and man together in the bond of the everlasting covenant. He pleads with God that he will fulfill his promises to men, which he is always ready to do in a way suitable to his majesty and glory, that is, through a Mediator.

This is from Matthew Henry commentary. To put it in layman term, what part of “IT IS FINISHED” don’t we understand? Sit down and relax. The finished work of the cross has reconciled us back to God. We are forgiven and free. We are complete in Him. We are loved by Him and everything we need is in Jesus Christ.

It can not be reversed!!! Jesus is our SURETY! What is a surety? A surety is a person who takes responsibility of another’s performance of an undertaking, for example their appearing in court of the payment of a debt. So Jesus paid the debt we owed. And His death and resurrection is our proof. And His spirit has sealed us.


A little bit from this sunday message.