And the new spiritual life we possess through Christ grants us long-term security. We’ll be saved as long as Christ’s own life endures. It’s by God’s initiative that we’re in Christ Jesus. Therefore, it’s up to him to keep us in Christ. God promised that the same person who began this good work in us will carry us on to completion. He’ll never leave us nor forsake us, and no one can snatch us out of his hand. These promises allow us to walk through life with confidence. We’re united with Christ, and nothing can separate us from his love.

Carrying the Spirit of Christ within us is not a new concept. It’s simply the restoration of life that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden. So Christianity is not a behavior improvement program nor even a religion in the strictest sense. it’s more fundamentally natural than that. Christianity is a human’s nature being returned to its innocent (righteous) state and the Spirit of God being restored to his rightful place within us.

This is the real thing in all of its potency. This is the message that the early church was willing to be persecuted and killed for. Jesus Christ literally and actually living within you, no matter what. Jesus Christ not rearranging your circumstances but being new life to you, even in the midst of old circumstances. Now, that is powerful.