Does your bible at home have dust on it? Do you read the bible only when you’re in trouble or depressed or in need of encouragement or direction? Do you pull it out just on Sundays when the preacher says turn to this? Do you even understand what you are reading even when you pull it out? Do you attend bible study regularly? Do you have your own bible study? Do you read the bible with your own eye balls? Or are you just taking the word of someone else? Our you in relationship with your bible, or is it just a textbook?

I don’t know, I think sometimes our lives get so busy or so turned upside down or you don’t even like your life, that we fail to establish a relationship with the Word of God. You may say, why are you saying a relationship with the Bible? Well, until you can understand the whole bible is about Jesus and His love for humanity, then it will still be a religious textbook to you.

Until all believers start reading consistently the Word of God for themselves with their own eyeballs and get the revelation of Jesus Christ and His love for us. We as a body will continue to be fragmented and powerless.

Lets not reduce the church to a place or a person. Let every born again believer start acting like the church and we will start acting like the body of Christ (The Church) that God intended.