What is a Preacher? What does a preacher look like? What does a preacher sound like? What does a preacher do? Do people really understand a preacher? Does the church understand that a preacher is a gift. Does the preacher know who they are? Has the preacher become irrelevant? Does the preacher have a message worth listening to. Are  preachers human beings? Do they know they’re human being? There are a lot more questions running through my mind.

Why? Because we are about to license one of our very own women to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t want this to be just another service to give a person a piece of paper. I don’t want it to be another ritual we do and we really don’t understand the beauty and joy and purpose behind it. I don’t want the church to take for granted how awesome this is. How privilege we are to partake in such an event that heaven sanctions and God approves.

A preacher is someone that is scared to death of the responsibility. but overjoyed at the trust God placed on them before the foundation of the world. A preacher is a human being with flaws and weaknesses and stuff, but yet, is a gift from God to the church. A preacher will stand and proclaim the GOOD NEWS through their personality, their pains, their ups and their downs, their insecurities, their disappointments, their highs and lows. Most of all through their experience and relationship with their FATHER!

So as we moved toward that day, lets get excited that God prepared another gift for the church to be used and loved and cherished. Lets hear what God has given them to say to us over their lifetime. Lets beam with excitement that God is giving us another gift from His love for us.

Lets pray for them and support them and love them through it all. because really, WHO KNOWS WHAT A PREACHER REALLY IS EXCEPT GOD!