Primarily because of our hymns, there are several words which pop into our minds whenever we think about the grace of God. There’s the word “amazing’. and we also think of the words ‘marvelous’ and ‘matchless.”

But buried in what was the original fourth stanza, and again in the bass line of the chorus, is the intriguing word “infinite.” That definitely describes God’s grace.

That means that it has no beginning and it has no ending. It is unlimited. We humans are finite beings: in other words, we are limited. We have been created, so we definitely have a beginning point, which alone makes us finite. We are limited as to what we can do, where we can go, what we can think, and how long we can live.

God on the hand is an infinite Being. There is no limit to what He can do, what He knows or where He is. First Kings 8:27 tells us that not even Heaven can contain Him. Since that is so, then everything else about Him is also infinite.

Stop and think about it: this brings a lot of comfort and encouragement to our hearts when we come to know that there is no problem, crisis or pain in our lives which is bigger than He is. They may seem to be overwhelming at times, and our hearts may break under the weight of uncertainty. But His power, His wondrous works, His years, His wisdom–all of them–know no limits. He is exalted beyond anything we can know or understand.