What does it hurt to keep asking God for forgiveness? Why is it significant to se that our righteousness is not gained, lost, and then gained again? Why does it matter if I want to manage my sin and guilt by seeking God’s forgiveness?

It is significant because Christ’s gift of rtighteousness is minimized when we keep the focus on sin and our personal maintenance of righteousness. We are implying that God’s way was not complete and thorough enough.

Continuing to ask for forgiveness indicates that we don’t trust or understand that we are already forgiven. And it actually waters down the cross because it doesn’t recognize the wondrous work of salvation and forgiveness.

Continuing to ask God to cleanse us of our unrighteousness indicates we don’t understand that we have already received the righteousness of Christ and that we are standing not in our righteousness but we are standing in His.

But would it not be wise to go ahead and put eggs in both baskets? No, that approach contains a problematic flaw because it means one is not truly trusting in Christ’s forgiveness. He is saying that the work of Christ alone is not adequate.

But if we want to cover all the bases then maybe we should also believe in the teaching of Mohammed. And to be safe, maybe we should also burn some incense to Buddha. A Christian should find these ideas appalling. We don’t need to trust in Mohammed or Buddha. The death of Christ is completely sufficient.