President Obama stood at the sacred desk and change the course of history. He did not stand under the seal of the President. He did not talk under the seal of the President. He did not proclaim his message under the seal of the President. He did not come to represent the seal of the President. He came as a human being, a man standing against the backdrop of human hurt and pain to proclaim THE GRACE OF GOD shown to men by men.

He stood proud but yet humble. He stood sad, but yet joyful. He stood comfortable but yet uncomfortable, yet he stood. The church has taken a lot of hits. The stain of scandals and infighting and abuse and so many other stains has cause the church to be looked at as non-effective.

But, that day, through the courage, determination and forgiveness of the families of those who were killed, lifted up the church whom God loves and gave his life for. We hear a lot about grace, however it was shown in action during this time when others felt grace should not be given.

President Obama made me proud, because he understood the gravity and seriousness of the task at hand. He did it well. He has cemented his legacy among the greatest presidents ever. Those who has change the course of history, he is among them.

By Him standing under the seal of the AME church instead of the seal of the president says one thing and one thing only.