From the book, The Rest Of The Gospel. “Jesus is telling us, I am all a person needs for living the life. It isn’t Me plus something. It isn’t Me plus your prayer life. It isn’t Me plus your Bible study. It isn’t me plus your good service. It isn’t Me plus the sum of everything you can do because you will never produce a life that pleases Me. I am the only life that pleases Me.

Nobody is offended as long as you are talking form the perspective of separation instead of union. As long as we are down here and God is up there, and He does something for us, It’s okay. But when you start talking about Jesus living His life in you through you, as you, that raises eyebrows. In John 6, the people were perfectly satisfied with Jesus as long as He produced bread. The offense came when He said He was the bread”.

Just something to ponder!