I have nothing to do with it. It’s all God and none of me. This Christian life is all about Him and none of me. I have to get out the way. If this is what you think, then you can easily become passive in your daily walk. This sounds so good. It sounds so spiritual. So humble. Stop it! It is a lie!

Your life is not all of Him and none of you. Steve McVey says this, “The bible’s message is not Christ instead of your life, as if it’s a matter of a replacement in which He swallows up our humanity and we don’t exist anymore. Nor is it just Christ in your life, as if it were a matter of having a divine additive that enhances our humanity. It is Christ as your life. He is in us. We are in Him. So it is all of Him in us, but it’s also all of us in Him. There’s the oneness.” Enough said!

1 Corinthians 6:17 says “But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. Read John 17:20-23 for yourself. Remember you are the twig. Everything flows through you. We don’t produce nothing. But it does flow through us. It is the both of us in union together releasing the grace walk so the love of God can be seen in human form. What a privilege to be in union with Jesus Christ to accomplish God’s plan for His people.

What is humbling is the fact that God chose us to LOVE!