I know I am saved. I love the Lord. Or should I say I know he loves me. I pray, read, and go to church. I tried to do what is right. I thank God that he saved me when He did. I understand I am not perfect and I will have some struggles in my life. I understand I am forgiven past, present, and future. But why do I feel so bad and guilty and condemn when I mess up or like the other people say, sin? If I am forgiven, then why do I feel those negative feelings?

You have to understand the body, soul, spirit. See you were born with Adam’s nature which is the cause of sin. So Adam was created in the image of God and you and I were create in the image of Adam. It is called the sin nature. Its the reason why you sin. However Christ died to pay the sin debt that was owed and we are now debt free. So when we accept and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, He takes that sin nature which is who we are and replace with His nature. So the person you used to be is dead and gone. The bible says, “If any man be in Christ He is a new creature (creation)”.

You are brand new. The old you is gone and this is the new you in Christ. Now the mind is still the same. It has the old tapes that sometimes re-play old motives, ways, and thoughts. That’s why you need to renew your mind daily. (Read Romans 12:1,2) Now Paul says this, “It’s not me, but the sin in me”. In other words, you can no longer produce sin, but it can come through you. Your body is the house you live in, but it’s not you. This is called the indwelling sin. Its this indwelling sin that is causing the problem, not you. That’s why you get an new body (more on that later).

Now the million dollar question is why do I feel guilty and condemn? The Holy Spirit in you, your comforter now convinces you that this is not who you are anymore. This feeling is not to condemn you. That feeling is the Spirt letting you know that this is not you. You don’t do this anymore. This is not your desire. You really don’t want to do this because its not you.  You are a new creature. You are brand new from your core. Your spirit is you. The body is where you live, but its not you.

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