I have been taught a lot concerning the Holy Spirit. Through the years my perception of the Holy Spirit has changed too. However I really didn’t grasp the Holy Spirit and His role in my life until the grace message was reveal to me. Again, let me remind you that grace is not a plan, method, or steps, it’s a person and His name is Jesus Christ.

So Christ in you the hope of glory has become a reality to me. With that being said, let me give you a brief history of my journey of discovery. First, I didn’t like the Holy Spirit that much because I was told He is there to convict me when I do wrong and won’t allow me to get away with nothing. Bummer! So I didn’t trust the leading and guiding part.

Now I read the bible and I know what the bible says about the Holy Spirit, however, it didn’t register with how I was taught. How can He be a convictor and comforter at the same time? How can He be the Po-Po and counselor at the same time?

Well, when John chapter 16 was reveal to me. Yes, I read it before but really never got it like this. The lights came on and now I know the Holy Spirit and my relationship with Him is awesome.

In short, the Holy Spirit doesn’t convict a believer of sin. He convinces the believer of their righteousness in Christ. And the Holy Spirit does convict/convince of their sin, but it is the sin of unbelief.

So the Holy Spirit is everything the bible says He is, comforter, counselor, leads and guides and a lot more.


I will share with you the answer to the question of why do I feel this way I do when I mess up on my next blog or check out our bible study tonight.