Jesus said He is the vine and we are the branches. In reality its a twig. Have you ever seen a grape vine? Have you ever eaten a grape? When you buy grapes, what are they connected to? Before you can even eat one grape what do you have to do beside wash it? You have to pull this very small piece of something from the actual grape itself before you can eat of it sweet nectar.  Thats what Jesus says we are suppose to be.

We don’t produce nothing. I will say it again. WE DON’T PRODUCE NOTHING! We are just connectors, reflectors and we just abide in the vine and the life of Jesus runs through to produce the fruit. We don’t produce it. HE DOES!

WE CAN NEVER BE THE VINE AND WE CAN NEVER PRODUCE THE FRUIT! I know that crashes a lot of egos and me. me, me and I, I, I people who think we are the bulders and maker of ministries and people. But we are not!

JUST BE THE TWIG! And watch the freedom that you have to allow God to work through you gives.