I used to believe when I prayed that God was going to answer my prayer. I was going to God on behalf of a situation or problem or a circumstance beyond my control. I was taught if a prayed real hard and real long I would gain favor with the Big Man upstair and He would help me. It was always one sided. I would talk and He would listen and at the end He would do what I ask. Simple, right?

There wasn’t really communication, because communicating takes two people. In reality I believed I was the initiator of my prayer. Matter of fact, I thought I was the initiator of a lot of things, but that topic is for another time. Lets stick to prayer for right now.

Let me say this up front. God is and has been and will always be the initiator. When Jesus said on the cross “It is finished”, that covered EVERTHING! So you have everything you need that pertains to your life and godliness. So if God is the initiator, then maybe just maybe He is leading you to pray. Why would He do this? Maybe because since everything is finished and He is God Almighty. Number one He is calling you into communion with Him. He does want a relationship with you. And maybe He wants to include you in the plan, process, miracle, healing, deliverance, blessing. And when you ask others to pray for you and with you. Since He is the initiator, maybe He wants to include others in this too.

Bottom line is how can He answer something that is already answered? Prayer is about a relationship with the one who is initiating everything. Rest in this fact and watch your prayer life soar to new heights and depth.