We have a guess blog today by Nikki Younger

I’m an imperfect person truly loved by a PERFECT GOD. That’s the first layer of the gift of HIS GRACE. However being exposed to just that knowledge gives me a sense of peace.

When you live in a world where everyone walks around with the W.I.I.F.M. (What In It For ME) attitude you come to expect that anything a person does for you there’s something they need or want in return. So coming to truly understand that Jesus died for us simply because of the way God loves us can sometimes be mind boggling.

There’s NOTHING that we did to earn our salvation and there’s absolutely NOTHING we need to do to keep it. Nor is there anything we can do to lose it. If I can stress one thing I’ve fully embraced through this revelation of God’s Grace it’s this… HE’S NOT MAD AT US.

Religion tells you to come as you are so that you’ll accept Christ but then spend the rest of the time telling you all the ways you’re not good enough for Christ. Nothing you do changes who you are too HIM. Now while there are most definitely earthly consequences to the things we do I need for everyone to understand that at no point in time is the consequence God turning HIS back on you.

The Bible tells us that HE will never leave us nor forsake us, It also tells us that when we are weak HE is strong. So know that when you fall short and are beating yourself up for the mistake He is already strengthening you for the next challenge because HE”S the potter and we are the clay. HE’s molding you into HIS image.

GRACE is LOVE, GRACE is PEACE, GRACE is LIBEATION, GRACE is FORGIVENESS and most importantly GRACE is JESUS CHRIST. The knowledge of who HE is and what HE’S done is sweeter than any other gift I could ever receive. The best part is that over time you find that there’s more layers to HIS gift and it keeps on giving.