What is the purpose of ministry? What is the purpose of being used by God. Why do we promote the ministries? Why do we study? Why do we go to church? Why do we praise Him? Do you have an answer that you are comfortable with? I don’t mean the standard answer that most people say and tell you. I mean the naked truth that is beyond the walls of your own understanding, but yet you know, but will denied it because saying it out loud will expose the truth about your motives and intent. I know  I know I am stepping on hollow ground here. I am stepping on my own hollow ground. However I think I am ready to face reality about my motives and intent. Are you? Well that is between you and the Lord.

All I will say is that God’s outrageous love for us is always on display. He has a burning desire to express this love to all of us all the time. We are God”s gift to Jesus. So maybe, just maybe we can say this to the Lord.


Maybe thats the purpose of everything. Ministry, Church, Worship, Study and being used by Him. Maybe its all to get to know the one who outrageously loves us.