I want to really unlearn so I can learn all I can. That’s pretty dangerous because there are somethings I will have to admit that I was wrong or I didn’t know or I was just to lazy to study for myself. Well, I’m ready for it. One of the things I am learning as a senior leader is that the most important part of your job description is to THINK!  And with that it affords you to begin to question a lot and I mean a lot of things, which is good.

So I am asking questions like, what is the expectation of corperate bible study? What is bible study suppose to accomplished? What do the bible says about it? How is the church making an impact in the lives of people, for real, for real? Has Church become a tradition or is it really impacting, balancing and bettering the lives through worship and fellowship of the saints?

Where did we get the marriage vows from? Do these vows help or hinder the union? Are marriages all about following the rules that we set for each other? Is how we conduct and deal with marriage coming from an old covenant teaching or a misunderstanding of a new testament teaching? (maybe that the problem)

How do we process failure? Who determines that? Is how we conduct ministry the same as how God see it? Or are we so far from His expectation that God doesn’t recognize it? Is what we are doing now really working?

Here is my one question today. Am I getting the best out of Christ life through me?

I have more. Check them out Wednesday