Today is Good Friday. We are commensurating the seven last words of Jesus. Now let me make myself perfectly clear. I have nothing against the sevenst words of Christ. They are important when you view them from a new covenant lens. But my question is  do the people truly understand what happen on the cross? Do they understand the process that contributed to the cross experience. Do they understand that God didn’t punished Jesus, sin did? Do they understand the taken away of sin and not covering any more concept? Do they understand the cross was the place were sin was dealt with? Do they understand will and testament that is explain in Hebrews chapter 9? And the words it is finished put a new will in place? Do they understand what it means when he said it is finished. Do they know that the seven last words were still under the old covenant but have new covenant meaning? Do they know there is an old covenant and a new covenant? Do they know that Him dying on the cross didn’t saved them, it just forgave them? You see, there are so many things that need to be addressed and educated so when you deal with the seven last word of Christ, you can understand the total picture and put them in there proper place. I just think it does a dis-service to the greatest display of love ever to not tell the whole story and most important to explain the story so that when they come to a service on Good Friday they can explode with praise and worship and awe and reverence and understanding of this glorious day. Because it was a gift that keeps on giving. As the song writer states, ” the blood will never lose its power”.  We owe it to them. Don’t you think?