I thought I was learning over the course of my life. I was gathering information and experiencing things that I thought were great learning tools. People will tell you that experience is the best teacher. We go to school and graduate from school thinking we have garnered some knowledge. Even the name (School of Higher Learning) suggest that the principle and culture of this place is all about learning. But a lot of us come out of these places dumber than when we went in. Now I am not saying everyone did. I just trying to make a point, so please don’t be offended. This is not about people. Its about a principle, theory and most important, a mindset.

I have a few questions. Can you describe the learning process? What have you learned that has caused you the question what you have learned? (Good one huh?) Is the process for learning good for everyone? Have I learned anything new recently that has cause me to re-think my current understanding? Just to name a few.

Here is my point. I think we learn on top of what we have learned. Some call it building a foundation. But what if the foundation is wrong. Do you keep learning on the wrong foundation or you build a new one? Are our minds wide open to learn new things. A better way? Can we admit when are thinking is wrong and start the process of discovery.

Here is it. I think the key is unlearning to learn. The more you are willing to unlearn the more open you are to learn. Sometimes without realizing we have become close minded of narrow minded and we think were are learning, but actually you are not. Maybe just maybe I need to adjust my mind to empty out so you can free your mind to take in whatever is necessary to learn the desired lesson. I don’t know, maybe I am right or wrong. Nevertheless it is something to think about.