True Wisdom comes from great questions, not great answers.

I think that we are in a state of flux within our churches and ministries because we don’t ask enough questions. I don’t mean to be flippant, but come on, People are afraid to ask questions. Maybe we were taught questions makes you look dumb, or when you asked a question, someone said it was a stupid question. Maybe questions stir up too much trouble. We have taken people word for it for too long. We have accepted the word of others for too long. It is time to start asking questions. The smartest person is not the one with all the answers. The one with all the questions is.

Its nothing wrong with asking why we do this? Or Has this worked in the past? Or Is there a better way? Or why do we celebrate this? Or where can I find what you said?

The status quo can only take you so far. We have been hamstrung and kept in the dark by our fear to ask questions. Religion has been the main culprit to this maliase of just follow and don’t ask any questions. And let me say trust is not an issue. Don’t just say trust me. We can trust when you can back up what you say.

Jesus asked the disciples a question. “Who do man say that I am?” Then he asked another question. ” Who do you say that I am?” So if Jesus can ask questions, so can you!

Can we create an inviroment where questions are embraced and questioned?