Hebrews 10:11,12 says And every priest stands daily ministering and offering often times the same sacrifices which can never take away sins. But this man after he had offerd one sacrifice for sins forever sat down on the right hand of God 

I am wondering from what premise are we operating our ministries from? What position are we preaching and teaching from? What is our witnessing platform? Where does our culture come from?  Is there a disconnect from how we present the bible to what the bible really says?  I don’t know all the answers, but when I read that scripture, it stirred these questions. 

One priest stands and the other sits. One priest does the same thing with the same results which is no help or solution. The other does it one time and it’s complete and finished. So my question is are we playing ring around the roses or are we giving the right message to God ‘s  people.

We should be operating from the premise of forgiven and not from the premise of trying to be forgiven.  I believe and just my opinion that if we preach and teach and share this gospel of Jesus Christ, that He offered Himself as once and for all sacrifice for ours sins and it is finished. That everything we will ever need, want and desire is already done. The church will explode with endless joy and praise that will be heard and talked about around the world.

One message keeps us trying and the other keeps us trusting. One message  promotes condemnation and the other promotes none. One offers punishment and the other offers love. It’s just some questions that needs to be addressed.