Awakening: an act or moment of becoming aware; to rouse from sleep.

Beginniing in the 16 century, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli and others reestablished the truth of the Gospel concerning salvation by grace through faith. This great revelation revive, release, restore, renewed and single-handledly lifted the church to a place of relevance. This was called the Protestant Reformation. The church has been operating from this core presentation of the truth. However there is a flaw in this presentation. A person is saved by grace through faith and then begins a life of human effort to maintain what was given for free, to meet standards given by man. And The church has been operating like this for 500 years. Now I have some good news for you. The second half of the revelation has been revealed to us. And that is good news to those who have been enslaved and suffered quietly trying to live a legalist life that reaps no benefits at all.  There is a stirring in the church world. A rumbling, a excitement, a lifting and its starting to pick up steam.  What is this new wave that is sweeping across the church. Well, its not new, matter of fact, its an old fact. Not only are we saved by grace through faith. But we are kept by the same grace and faith through Jesus Christ. You guess it. Its the GRACE MESSAGE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its trusting not trying. Let me quote you from Whitten Clark book, Pure Grace.  “A reformation of centuries of incorrect thinking and a reformation of a belief system rooted in legalism is underway and will not be silenced or sidetracked. It is growing in influence and will exponentially multiply until the second coming of Christ. The revelation that will produce this great reformation in the Church is the revelation of grace, the revelation of the finished work of Christ, and the revelation of God  as our Father”. You tell them Whitten I can’t say it any better than that. So get ready for the NEXT GREAT AWAKENING. You will be hearing more and more about this revelation in our next conversion. Until then, grace and peace upon you.