I have a Facebook page, Twitter Account, Instagram, Foursquare and blog with my picture on each site. I think its ok, because its a personal site and people ought to know who they are engaging with. I’m also a Pastor of a Church and we have a Facebook page and of course our picture is on it.  Well I just removed it and replaced it with the name of JESUS. You may say, why did you do that? Good Question. Well, I no longer want to be the face of the ministry. Yes, I’m the leader and Pastor and teacher and founder. However the church belongs to my FATHER!  I’m just the steward of His Church. He is really in charge, not me. I take orders from HIM. So if Im the face and owner of the ministry, then it makes me responsible for its growth and success and financial stability. Well, I neither have the resources, strength or wherewithal to pull that off, But HE does!  So if He is in charge then I don’t need my face as the first thing people see. They need to see JESUS!!  So I did something crazy, maybe not!