Do you ever wonder why people fight?  Why are there arguments? Why does it have to come down to who is right and who is wrong? I don’t know! Does it really matter. Who benefits from a knock down, drag out fight? Do people recover from it. What is more  important, the relationship or the WIN?  If you really think about it, can you remember what the fight is really about. Can we really get along. Or is the human race doom to this type of behavior? Lot of questions, but I don’t have the answer to them. Maybe you do! Could it be that the fighting, the arguing, the misunderstandings, the hurt of being wronged, the pain is being caused by the personality (person) and not the principle?  Maybe if we deal with the principle of the matter and not the personality of the principle, then we could get things done without tearing a hole in the fabric of humanity. Men and women of great value deal always with principle over personality. Those are the one that really get things done. While others are stuck in the mud of posturing, argumentation and petting differences.  So maybe disagreements are healthy if it leads to greater understanding of principles that create a better relationship and a better life.  I think thats progress.